Rocket Relay Seminar - Snappy BoxWorld class flyball training from the world record holders

We are dedicated to bringing creative, safe and effective Flyball training techniques and ideas to the Flyball community, through our website, blog and training seminars. We will continue to evolve and develop our training techniques to adhere to the specific requirements each student is looking for while maintaining a solid foundation of understanding and communication between dog and their human companion.
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What People Say

Aaron and kelly's training methods are not only applicable to flyball but anything you do in the dogsport world. They couldn't be more fun to work with and are always willing to go the extra mile to lend a helping hand

Lyndsy King, Omaha Speed Racers

My dogs and i have greatly benefited from all the training techniques taught to us over the years. I recommend Rocket Relay training to anyone looking to learn or improve in the game of flyball

Cass Wright, Spirit Catchers flyball team

After 7 months of dealing with a tiny rescued ball obsessed herding maniac, Mulli, finally spit the ball for the tug and has been my solid little flyball bc ever since. bless you kelly and aaron

Wendy Grandman, Red Rockets