Online Skype Training Sessions!!!

For years Aaron and I have been hearig how people wished they lived closer so they could have us come work with their dogs at thier team practices. Now you can and you don't even have to move!!!!  We are now offering online SKYPE training sessions!!! All that is needed is a laptop or tablet that can run off wifi or be tethered to your smart phone.


$100 per hour

To set up a training session please contact Kelly or Aaron at

NEW!! Online Flyball Foundation Class

Online Foundation Class

Sign- Up Info Page and Instruction

Starts April 9th @ 7pm-8:30pm EST

6 Student MAX

Class participants:

Spun into Control

One of the biggest contributing factors to speed and consistency in sport dogs is drive and control. Lack of Drive with too much control seems to be a big problem in a lot of competitor’s dogs. Too much Drive with no control is a curse as well. So where is the balance? There are many misconceptions with how people view drive. Some competitors believe that in order to obtain a 3.4sec flyball dog he needs to be “spun out of his head” with few house rules and a nightmare to live with.

Back From Vacay

Hey Everyone

Kelly and I are just back from Vacation.  Will respond to your msgs by the end of tomorrow.  If you haven't received a response by then please msg me.




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All Aboard the Re-Train

All Aboard the Re-Train

Do Inches Matter?

Do Inches Matter???

RR Nutrition and Exercise

RR's Nutrition and Exercise