NEW!! Online Flyball Foundation Class

Online Foundation Class

Sign- Up Info Page and Instruction

Starts April 9th @ 7pm-8:30pm EST

6 Student MAX

Class participants:

This is not a problem solving class for older dogs who know the sport and need specific issues addressed.  This is for any puppy or new dog to your home or to the sport that would like to learn flyball the RR way. 

Course Details:

·         Impulse Control Games

·         Teaching Recalls

·         Drive and Focus Games

·         Rear-end Awareness Training

·         Target Training

·         Retrieve work

·         Core Strengthening

·         Shaping Games

·         Structuring Training Sessions

·         Balancing

How it works:

·         This class will be held on the same day of the week at the same time of day. 

·         The course will run for 6 sessions at 1.5 hours per week

·         There is a maximum of 6 students per class

·         Every week the class will meet using online meeting place

·         Each week One day prior to each class you will be required to upload your homework videos to a shared folder on

·         During class we will watch the videos as a group and give feedback so everyone can learn from each student’s successes and struggles.

·         Everyone will be able to ask as many questions as they feel needed during the class

·         At the end of class new homework will be given with a video demonstration

·         All videos will be accessible for the week to refer back too.

·         Written outlines will be provided as well for a quick reference

What you will need to participate:

Please use the same email address for all accounts and communications

·         You will need to create a free dropbox account.  You can sign up here

·         You will need to create a free WebEx account.  You can sign up here at

·         Your computer must be equipped with a microphone either built in or plugged in.

·         You must have access to a video camera

·         A fast internet connection would be best for optimal viewing. 

How to sign up?

·         Send an Email to containing:

o   Your First and last name

o   Dog’s name

o   Breed

o   Age of dog

o   Which class you would like to sign up for?

o   your preferred Payment method: Options (PayPal(credit card or account) or Interac E-Transfer)

·         Once this info has been sent you will recieve an email saving your spot in the class and asking you to proceed with payment by either clicking on the link below or sending an Interac E-Transfer to (This is not an automated response)

·         When payment has been collected you will receive a confirmation email with instructions. (This is not an automated response)

Price: $200 + HST

Click the link below to pay now.