RR Nutrition and Exercise

RR's Nutrition and Exercise

One of the most common questions we have been asked over the years is what kind of exercises do we practise to keep our dogs in top physical shape?  I think most people who ask this question are expecting us to say that we spend 7 days a week practising. That couldn't be further from the truth.  We strongly believe that a majority of physical conditioning should be done outside of the sport.  Repetitive performance of the course will lead to a very burnt out bored dog.  The types of exercise we use most keeping in mind our dogs need to have power and endurance to be a well-rounded flyball dog are swimming, power jumping, treadmill and limited amounts of frisbee/chuck-its.  A typical week would look like this...

Monday - Swimming (30-40 min) at conservation park

Tuesday - Flyball Practise (box work)

Wednesday - Power Jumping (8 jumps 10ft apart x 10 reps)

Thursday - 10-15 reps of frisbee/chuckits

Friday - Swimming (20mins in a pool) /Treadmill

Saturday- Break

Sunday - Flyball Practise

As you can see we do 2 types of swimming.  When the dogs swim in a pool it’s a light swim where they just float and paddle generally just carrying their toys paddling around the pool. When we swim at the conservation park its sprint swimming.  We throw toys for retrieves among a group of dogs.  Swimming is such a great low impact exericise as well as a perfect aerobic workout. 

When we added power jumping to our exercise regimen just once a week we noticed after 4-5 weeks it made a big difference in how our dogs ran. They were consistently faster and averaging better times over the weekend of a tournament.  We believe this exercise alone is the most important one we do.

The main reason why we do not use frisbee/chuck-its as a main source of exercise is because we find that its harder on their joints and are more prone to injury.  We keep it in our weekly schedule because I still believe sprinting on the ground works the smaller stabilizing muscles and helps with balance.

We really do believe the dogs need a break minimum of 1 day a week in order to allow their body to recover and repair.

Our schedule changes only when we have tournaments.  We tend to make Wednesday our last day for exercise.  This allows a few days for our dog's body to recover and prepare for a weekend of racing. 


Many of our members use the following supplements to help their dog`s joints and muscles.

A) BiologicVet Supplements:  Mainly BioSport, BioJoint, BioFats, And BioVites : Used these products for years and have worked great for muscle building, joint health and overall health

B) Sasha`s Blend http://www.sashas.ca

C) Glucosamine

Some of our members feed RAW and others just high quality dog food.  Kelly and I tend to stick to kibble.  It’s easy to travel with and much easier to prepare.  Some of the foods we would recommend that have worked well for us over the years are Fromm, Origin, Acana, and Canidae.  High quality foods with supplements seem to meet our dog’s nutritional requirements.