Welcome to all the new subscribers to our brand new Flyball training website. We have spent months developing this idea with the help of website developer Reece Marsland from England. I believe we have developed a great resource to guide you all along the Flyball training process. Through the next coming months you will get to see all the training successes and roadblocks that we experience with our team dogs or our students and how we work through each one. You will see first hand the step by step process of techniques used in training a puppy from start to finish. We will also have many problem solving videos that we will post weekly to demonstrate how to fix the most common problems we see in Flyball and the not so common ones as we come across them. Also I anticipate you will watch the creation of new training techniques we develop along the way that make our methods more efficient and precise. We are really excited with the ideas we plan on implementing on Rocket Relay Training site over the next few years. Log-in frequently to stay up to date with us. We hope this site will improve the way dogs learn and run Flyball worldwide so our canine companions can have long, safe and fun careers in the game we all love!

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