Adding Ball To The Box

Once you have a consistent turn on the box and you like what you see you can then put the ball in the box.  Before doing this exercise make sure you watch the video of "Slowing down the trigger".  You never allow the dog to take the ball from the box for the first time with a full trigger.  If you do and the ball fires out at full speed hitting the dog in the head then this could cause fear towards the box.   Also pay attention to Aaron's body language.  It never changes from what he does when he was doing just targets.  He is still standing on the side that the dog turns to help guide the dog to offer the same swimmers turn when there was no ball.  Too many people change their body language just because they added the ball into the exercise.  In most cases, if you change how you send your dog to the box you will lose the turn you have been working on for so many months. 

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